Auf das Leben!

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

2016 New Year Resolution

After getting into college, my life starts on a flying mode. This freaks me out sometimes. That’s why I tend to make plans for everything I might want to do in the next period. Although some of them did not goes out as I planned or expected, but as the saying goes, 「Never go out there without a solid plan.」

2015 turned out to be not so great for me. I believe that I messed up things a little bit. With the freedom here I got in German university, I kinda loosen up a bit. And this is definitely have bad influence on me. There are some milestoney events like, breaking up with my girlfriend, passing all exams and getting a internship in the God-forsaken blackforest. For the first half in 2015, I was pretty not happy about it. My whole living routine was struggling with thesis and science projects in college, that was a huge dose of anxiety. The later half turned out a little bit better. I finally passed the toughest exams and got a internship. Big events here is moving, I think, both spatially and spiritually. I had to face the fact that I live alone in the blackforest now and it is perfect for one to do some deep thinking, to literally figure out what’s next and cut out all the unrealistic delusions. Sort of self-sustained in the later half, that’s the big accomplishments for me.

2016 is a big year for me. This is the year I’m really starts thinking about getting 30 would look like, which means I really should not just go with the flow and play around and stuff. This is the time that I should plan the so called “future”. What I really want to do with my life, something to be considered such as career. Besides, I believe my life-long partner is still out there waiting for me to find. So, let’s talk about resolutions.

In the new year, I wish I could accomplish the following things in my life.


Get a job

Learn to do handstand

Contact more with friends and family

Starting a photo-shooting project