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Auto-sleeping in Win10


A couple of months ago, I installed Win10 Education on my old laptop to make it a backup computer at home. But I haven’t use it very often until today. And yet I discovered a problem that I never run into before. My laptop goes to sleep every 2 minutes if you don’t operate anything. Thinking like a normal person, I certainly goes to the system setting to change the sleep option to 「Never」. Am I too naive? It turns out that I am. Changing the settings won’t make a difference in this case.So, a little research being made and here goes the solution.

  1. Press 「WIN+r」, type in 「regedit.exe」
  2. Locate to the following path:

  3. Change the value of 「Attributes」to 2

  4. Press 「WIN+x」, go to 「Control Panel」->「System and Security」->「Power Options」->「Change advanced power settings」->「Sleep」->「System unattended sleep timeout」, change the time to whatever you want.

Tada! Problem solved.