Auf das Leben!

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

In Retrospect

Time flies. I can’t believe that this is the first phrase that I come up with when I start to write this blog. But somehow it reflects what I feel these days. It has been one month and a half since my internship. Every week is like a flying arrow, throwing me from Monday to Friday.

Almost half of 2016 has passed, I think it’s time to do a retrospect and also some tweaking on the new year resolution that I made in January. Everything seems to be on track, except the photo shooting project. The probelem is that I don’t have much time to contact partners to do this project, which is kind of the most important part of the theme 「parallel world」. Instead, I accidentally start a serie of photos named like 「Some XXX」, which includes the photos I’ve taken before and some re-editing. Besides, I also had the chance to know a bunch of interesting people from Instagram. Maybe I should change the direction of the project to street photography first. Recently I’ve been inspired by a guy named Erik Kim, who really like to share the experience during his shooting on streets. And great people skills also. I find this kind of project maybe doable, for example, 「Faces in Aachen」or something.

Lack of motivation is the biggest problem I’ve been facing recently. I find it to be related to multitasking. When I assign so many tasks to myself at once, I sometimes get confused about the priorities of different tasks. This can be a source of procrastination, which means you cannot decide which ones to do first, you don’t start at all.

That would be all. Set up the daily routine and get the machine running!