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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Markdown Is the New Sexy

Markdown is a lightweight markup language developed by John Gruber(so says Wikipedia). My first contact with markdown is the time I build this personal blog website. All the blogs I’ve written is in markdown format. This is a pretty cool and most of all distraction-free way of writing articles.

But first of all, when you write something, editor is necessary. There are countless editors, well, that’s exaggerative expression. Luckily, I only tried out three before I found my favorite one. The first one I tried is Mou developed by this great guy Chen Luo. It’s completely free and easy to use. But the only thing that turn me down is the coloring, way too colorful for me. The second one is Ulysses, said to be the most powerful markdown tools on the market. Well, for me, maybe too powerful. I don’t really need all the file directory stuff. Besides, the downside of powerful is that it’ll definitely become slower. So comes the third one, my favorite, Byword. It’s small, single-functional. Just the way I like it, full ‘minimalism’ design.

There are already tons of tutorials on the internet about markdown grammar. However, I’ll write another simple one and post it later, just as a reminder for me to check when I forget about something. But if this can be a little help of you guys, I’ll be glad.