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Setup Workflow on Mac

As this may sounds familier to all of you: before I start doing my work, I just use 5 minutes to check out the new post on Facebook or Twitter. And a hour has passed, you are kind of “stuck to” the virtual circle of intersting things. This happens to me all the time. Works are always be postponed, things remain undone, life sucks.

I think the most exciting and frustrating thing about Mac is that, you don’t need to shut down. If you were social-networking, the next time you open up you Mac, you will directly be in the same status. However, if you think on the opposite way, you will discover that the work you left there yesterday are still there. Instead of seeing social network page on the first sight, you will continue to do your work instantly.

Workflow maybe the best thing I could think of to avoid distraction. With one click or type in the terminal some command, you will quickly pick up the work you left and get in the mood of working.Here goes how:

The workflow to quit all Applications:

  1. Open Automator and choose workflow

  2. In the Library, choose Utilities, then drag 「Quit all Applications」to the right

  3. If you wanna keep some App open, just hit 「Add current Applications」

The workflow to open certain bundle of Applications is basically the same procedure, one can explore a little bit.

cmd+s to save the work flow and just pin it somewhere handy, dock seems to be a excellent choice. Or if you prefer the using of Terminal, you can type in the following command:

automator yourworkflow.workflow

in the path where you saved your workflow.

There’s also a tip for setting workflow. You have to know exactly what you gonna do with your Mac, probably write all the Application you need and the sequence maybe on Notes, and then set up the workflow. As always, with explicit target, you can avoid wasting time.