Auf das Leben!

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

2016 New Year Resolution

After getting into college, my life starts on a flying mode. This freaks me out sometimes. That’s why I tend to make plans for everything I might want to do in the next period. Although some of them did not goes out as I planned or expected, but as the saying goes, 「Never go out there without a solid plan.」

My 100 Thing Challenge

「100-Thing Challenge」 is a method to quantify your personal effort to simplify your life. This allow people to be more with less.

So, I decide to give it a try. I just want to see how many things I must have to keep to make my life get going.

Setup Workflow on Mac

As this may sounds familier to all of you: before I start doing my work, I just use 5 minutes to check out the new post on Facebook or Twitter. And a hour has passed, you are kind of “stuck to” the virtual circle of intersting things. This happens to me all the time. Works are always be postponed, things remain undone, life sucks.

Useful Tips for Excel VBA

Recently I’ve been working intensively with Excel VBA to achieve some automation of data processing and analysing. During my first approches to use VBA, I found some really useful tips for newbies in this area.

Vim Learning Notes

1.Command in Vim non-editing environment

1.1 Lowercase/Uppercase

In order to change the case of the whole document in vi, the following commands can do that trick easily.